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Window Cleaning in Dubai

We provide complete turn-key services for cleaning interior and external windows for a broad range of structures, such as residential villas and apartments, as well as commercial, industrial, corporate, and public buildings and infrastructure. By providing highly efficient services, Odico is able to help customers enjoy the benefits of a well-maintained space, inside and out.

Why choose our window cleaning company in Dubai?

When it comes to cleaning hard to reach areas, it’s best to entrust this crucial task to the professional window cleaners of Odico. Window cleaning in Dubai can be risky, especially when it involves the external surface and windows of high-rise buildings and large structures.

Odico’s team is composed of fully trained and qualified professionals who have the skills and expertise to manoeuvre up and down the façade of buildings and give windows proper clean-up and maintenance. In addition to completing a rigorous training program, they are knowledgeable about standard safety procedures, which allows them to minimize risk and safely carry out their task.

They are equipped with the right gear and tools to efficiently clean and maintain windows, using an array of environmentally friendly solutions. We use mineral-free pure water as it leaves better and longer lasting results. Our window maintenance service includes removal of mould, algae, moss, dust and debris, and a host of outdoor elements that have accumulated on window surfaces.

With Odico’s turn-key solution for maintaining internal and external windows, customers need not worry how to keep their spaces clean and presentable, as we’ll accomplish the task for you.


As part of our comprehensive services, we provide an initial site inspection to determine the scope and extent of your requirements. After this, we’ll provide you with a reasonable quotation and service package that fits into your budget, time frame, and overall needs.

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