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Overview Of Our Value Proposition In Dubai

Optimum dry ice cleaning (Odico) is a leading highly professional and specialized cleaning services provider in Dubai-united Arab emirates. We provide the safest, most effective and customized cleaning solutions to high end versatile industries in the market. A complete turn-key cleaning solutions to the Industrial, Commercial, aviation, and marine segments using the best and environmentally cleaning solutions and the latest state of the art equipment. In addition, we deliver only premium cleaning services and solutions backed by a well-trained and qualified dedicated team in order to offer outstanding results for any cleaning application that is required.

Our value proposition

Our value proposition is to offer our clients fast, safe, and cost effective cleaning methods with the best results utilized with our turn-key services with a service center and team available to your needs.


Our Vision & Mission

 Our Vision is to be the leader organization in offering cleaning services by providing complete turn-key solutions to different industries.

Our mission is to provide the best cleaning services and solutions to high end industries with outstanding results.

our team

Our team comprises of trained technicians and project engineers with experience in the industry. We are capable to undertake projects of any size and ensure timely completion of it. We have combined technology with talent to offer best in the industry services to our clients.

Our Certficiations