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Laundry Duct Cleaning Services

Odico provides professional laundry duct cleaning services in the UAE. Cleaning the laundry duct is essential and important if you want to keep the risk of fire low. When you use heavy clothing materials in the laundry, for example towels and linen sheets, the washing and drying process creates a lot of dust and cloth fibres.

Why is Air Duct Cleaning important?

Laundry Duct Cleaning should be done regularly, usually in accordance with a fixed schedule. This is the only way you can make sure that the lint, dust, fibres, and other unwanted particles are removed from the system.

This will also help to minimize the risk of fire. The particular schedule you use is going to depend on your site.

The Inspection

In the inspection, we are going to look at the filters and make sure they are fixed in place properly. We will also check the ducts for how much dirt they have collected, and whether the cleaning needs to be done immediately.

Cleaning Process

In the cleaning works, we remove all the dust and dirt particles along the full duct and ventilation components, making it suitable for use again.

Post Cleaning

When the ducts are cleaned, the fire is going to be prevented from spreading across the whole ventilation system.