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Garbage Chute Cleaning Services

Garbage chutes are used in many buildings all over the world to collect and manage household trash. Chutes collect a lot of dirt and smell after many years of use, and there will be tough stains on the walls.

Odico provides professional garbage chute cleaning in Dubai, with all the important cleanliness requirements in mind. Bags used to collect garbage in your home are soft, and they can easily rip open when they are falling down the chute.

All of this wet and smelly trash will create bacteria and unhygienic surroundings, and leave a very bad smell in the garbage disposal room. Our services will make sure these problems are resolved and you get a clean and nice garbage chute afterwards!

Cleaning Based on the Following Steps  

Odico uses the latest state of the art equipment for garbage chute cleaning in UAE. This includes ozone chemical, coarse pads, and powerful cleaning machines. It will get rid of smells, dirt, grime, bacteria, viruses, and liquids in the garbage chute.

Chute cleaning process works by disinfecting and removing grease. It is based on the following steps:

  1. Removing greasy stuff and disinfecting the chute from inside.
  2. Washing the chute to get rid of trash and dirt
  3. Cleaning the doors of the chute on every floor with anti-bacterial and high-quality cleaning pads
  4. Cleaning the garbage room
  5. Getting rid of the nasty smell by using ozone chemical.

Client Testimonials

Odico’s chute cleaning service was amazing. It cleaned thoroughly from the inside, and even got rid of the smell!

Our whole garbage room was cleaned by Odico after many years. Now there is no smell on any floor, and we can rest easy about hygiene and cleanliness in the building.