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Odico provides professional garbage chute cleaning in Dubai, with all the important cleanliness requirements in mind.

All of this wet and smelly trash will create bacteria and unhygienic surroundings, and leave a very bad smell in the garbage disposal room.

Odico uses the latest state of the art equipment for garbage chute cleaning in UAE. This includes ozone chemical, coarse pads, and powerful cleaning machines.

It will get rid of smells, dirt, grime, bacteria, viruses, and liquids in the garbage chute.

Chute cleaning process works by disinfecting and removing grease.

We use environmentally friendly materials by removing greasy stuff and disinfecting the chute from inside, washing the chute to get rid of trash and dirtCleaning the doors of the chute on every floor with anti-bacterial and high-quality cleaning pads Cleaning the garbage room

And getting rid of the nasty smell by using ozone chemical.


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