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Deep cleaning services

Odico provides best deep cleaning solutions with a well experienced and trained team of professionals. Combined with the use of the latest ecofriendly materials and equipment, us people is well capable of taking projects of any size. We pride ourselves and take care for every details for better cleaning results.

Deep Cleaning solutions:

  • Dusting and sanitizing of doors, wardrobes and other wooden fixtures: We make sure all the dust and bacteria from your doors and wooden items is dusted.
  • Steam cleaning of bathrooms: Bathrooms can collect tough stains and grease over a long time, which need tough cleaning to remove.
  • Balcony & Rails Washing: We wash your balconies and rails and get rid of the tough outdoor dirt.
  • Villas Paved Areas Pressure Washing: We give your paved areas a pressure wash, because they need a tougher clean due to outdoor weather conditions
  • Interior Windows: We get rid of the dust your indoor windows have collected over the years in corners and tough places.
  • Machine Scrubbing Of Floor Area: We use machines to properly scrub the floor, which is one the dirtiest areas in any house.
  • Dusting & Vacuuming Of Entire Property: We dust and vacuum around the whole house to eliminate dirt in small places and corners.
  • Kitchen Cabinets Dusting And Sanitizing: We eliminate the dust and bacteria from your kitchen cabinets to ensure better hygiene for your family.
  • Grease Removal From Kitchen Walls: Odico gives your kitchen walls a tough degreasing clean to make your kitchen healthy and shiny.
  • Air Duct Maintenance: We give you professional air duct cleaning and maintenance services, which will ensure clean and safe air in the house.
  • Villas External Cleaning: We get rid of the dust and contaminants that affect your outdoors in the hot and dusty weather of the UAE.

We understand that the look of your property reflects on you, and give you a complete range of professional commercial and residential cleaning services at the best prices.

Process for Deep Cleaning Services

Inquiry: You give us a call and ask about our services

Visit & Quote: We visit your property and give you a price quote.

Finish: We complete the work as per the promised schedule.