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Odico provides the best HVAC cleaning, AC duct cleaning and disinfection services and provide complete components cleaning with an experienced and certified team of professionals. We provide any type of coil or AC cleaning service to the commercial and residential sectors with the best customer service and customer satisfaction.

Why is HVAC and air duct cleaning important?

The US Environmental Protection Agency has revealed that the level of indoor pollutants may even be 10 to 100 times higher than outdoors. Indoor pollutants are produced by various sources, such as the occupants of the space, production activities, outdoor air, and even furniture. These pollutants can also be distributed by HVAC units, which are the perfect breeding ground for biological contaminants, including mould. Thorough AC duct cleaning removes these harmful contaminants before they affect the quality of indoor air. Properly cleaned and maintained HVAC systems also perform at more optimal levels but with lower energy consumption. This produces benefits including improved comfort and environment control, longer equipment life, and lower utility costs.


Odico follows National Air Duct Cleaners Association’s (Nadca) recommended standards and procedures for our HVAC and ac chiller maintenance companies in dubai. This includes “source removal” techniques that manually clean the air-conditioning unit’s indoor and outdoor housing, as well as other key components such as fans, ductwork, coils, grills, diffusers and drip pans. These methods are proven and guaranteed to deliver high-quality and consistent removal of contaminants and debris without damaging the unit’s mechanical components.

Pneumatic Cleaning

Using code compliant access points, our technicians access the system and use brushes to clean and eliminate contaminants. Equipped with HEPA-filtered vacuums directly linked to the ductwork, we will then thoroughly collect and clean up contaminants.

Fact: 1 Out of 6 people who suffer from allergies developed the condition due to mold, fungi and bacteria thriving in their air duct systems.

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