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The Industries We Have Done Cleaning in Dubai

Optimum dry ice cleaning(Odico) works with a variety of industries and segments of highly reputed organizations that are looking for a leading company to source their cleaning requirements. Our core markets we serve are industrial, commercial, residential, aviation & marine industries with versatile cleaning solutions that is suitable for each project. Our cleaning solutions are tailored to fit and suit every requirement or any application.

  • General Maintenance Industry

    Odico provides cleaning services for General Maintenance Industry through dry ice blasting. It will increase the productivity without hindering the cleanliness issues
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  • Electrical Power Stations Industry

    Our dry ice blasting provides cleaning solutions for Electrical Power Stations Industry. Experts in cleaning sensitive & delicate equipment in place without disassembling the components
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  • Printing and Packing

    The printing & packaging industry is a highly efficient industry so regular cleaning and maintenance schedules are required to retain
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  • Plastic Cleaning

    We utilize Dry Ice Cleaning in Plastic rubber industry in Dubai. Get the expert support by reducing operational time and manual cleaning
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  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry

    We provide Services To Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry. Cleanliness in the medical pharmaceutical industries is crucial and essential to maintain a healthy environment and high quality health
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  • Petrochemicals Industry

    Working in the petrochemical industry requires regular cleaning to remove grease, oil and other contaminants for decontamination
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  • Automotive Industries

    We are striving to bring innovation in the cleaning industry.
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  • Marine& Yacht Industry

    We use special cleaning materials and equipment approved for cleaning of Marine Yacht Industry in Dubai. Optimum dry ice cleaning (Odico) is the preferred method advised by our experts
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  • Oil Gas Remediation Industry

    Get the expertise of Odico for cleaning Services in Oil Gas Remediation Industry. We also offer cleaning for bottling industry, furniture fixtures Wood processing equipment,
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